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Grades 4 and up

List of Recent Book Reviews:

Student and School Name Book Title Date Published
Elena Runion, Keystone Middle School THE THIEF 2/12/2016
Tristan Magel, Keystone Middle School THE EYE OF ZOLTAR 2/12/2016
Ben Bostick, Keystone Middle School Never Fall Down 12/08/2015
Jacob Haun, Keystone Middle School Force Out 12/08/2015
Nathaniel Suprun, Durling Middle School The Old Man and the Sea 12/08/2015
Terrance Cooper, Durling Middle Bad Hare Day 09/16/2015
Drew Roberson, Windsor Elementary The Attacks of September 11, 2001 09/16/2015
Delaney Zazk, McKinley Elementary Journey to the center of Earth 04/29/2015
Anthony Ripley, McKinley Elementary Journey 04/20/2015
Rahna Hurtado, McKinley Elementary Baby 08/01/2014
Noah Kasperovich, Durling Middle School Compound 07/15/2014
Jessica Schrenkel, Durling Middle School Divergent 07/09/2014
Elizabeth Gunter, Durling Middle School Wake 06/11/2014
Spencer Reinhart, Durling Middle School Monster 04/30/2014
Melissa Ritenour, Durling Middle School The Lightning Thief 04/11/2014
Kendra Mosby, McKinley Elementary Number the Stars 04/11/2014
Grace Vankerkhove, McKinley Elementary Prairie Songs 04/09/2014
Zoe Tanner, McKinley Elementary Esperanza Rising 04/06/2014



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