Tshirt and Photo Registration

Tshirt and Photo Registration2017-04-18T19:07:17+00:00

DESIGN and AD, Photo, T-shirt and Newspaper Form

1.) Upload your student photo(s) 2.) Be sure the photos are headshots 3.) Photos can not be larger than 1MB (megabyte) each 4.) Indicate the number of adult sized t-shirts in each given category. One t-shirt per student. 5.) Order the classroom newspapers.

  • T-shirt

    Every Student will recieve a t-shirt. Please select how many of each size will be needed.
    NOTE: T-shirts are adult sizes.

  • Photos

    Every student's photo will appear in the special tabloid. Be sure to name the file with the student’s name. EX: SMITH_Suzy
    LAST name first. If the file is not named, it gets sent to the trash file.

    Total size of ALL photos must not exceed 1MB combined file size.

  • Newspapers

    Every student and teacher is entitled to one Design an Ad/Write an Editorial supplement. Newspapers, t-shirts and prizes need to be picked up on Tuesday, April 9, 2019. If you can’t come that day, please email bstephens@chroniclet.com to make arrangements.

  • Please enter a number from 0 to 200.